Adventure activity

I am also a hugely passionate rock climber and caver…and yet to master Scuba diving! I have completed a climbing course, learning how to lead climbs and follow health and safety regulations on several outdoor trips. This requires an element of coordination and cooperation between your fellow climbers above and below you, and has allowed me to test myself and my judgement; where to place the climbing gear safely and securely. Equally, engaging with others to encourage them on their climbing routes is very enjoyable.


As well as this, I am part of the Speleological society and enjoy challenging myself and pushing my abilities to the limit in situations that require a high degree of assertiveness. Being constantly aware of the dangers and conscience of your team members’ position in case of rock falls is vital for an enjoyable and safe trip. Training in Single Rope Technique as part of the Leeds Speleological society and has allowed me to be confident when caving. When descending and ascending at pitches, the switch-over with SRT gear has to be done quickly and calmly. I have learned both skills because I love challenging myself and find it useful to gain different perspectives when filming with a GoPro. I’ve also written about journeying to several locations around the Yorkshire Dales an Wales to train and also cave.



I further enhanced my caving expedition skills the end of March at the Summit centre (Wales) with a course at Merith Tyfild, including basic SRT, advanced SRT, SRT self-rescue, vertical team rescue, cave surveying in the artificial cave, first aid, emergency procedures, kit selection, underground cooking, expedition do’s & don’ts, etc.. and large-scale vertical rescue workshop at the wall and underground cave rescue practice. This was in preparation for a crew of 40+ cavers, of all ages, who descended upon the Austrian Alps for the Dachstein summer Caving Expedition 2015. This is literally all the cave exploration scene in the Alps. A staggeringly high peak of 2995m, the possibility of a 2500m deep entrance point to the water table below is tantalisingly closer than ever before.

Wildlife film internship- SAASA Monkeyland

Monkeyland, Birds of Eden and Jukani wildlife sanctuaries fund themselves through revenues from tourists who take educational tours of the sanctuaries, and multi-lingual tour guides are much needed to continue to bring in funds. I went to Plettenberg bay this summer as a wildlife film intern, have a look at what I got up to!



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